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Caviar Dreams Judy Nichols

Caviar Dreams

Judy Nichols

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Your best friends in love with a lying, scum-bag thief. How do you tell her? Because what she doesnt know could kill her. This is photographer Lisa Watsons dilemma. Lisa has always relied on her plain, overweight friend Debbie to cheer her up when shes down on her luck (which is most of the time). When Debbie falls hard for a handsome stranger named Derek. Lisa is skeptical, believing Prince Charming is more interested in Debbies money than her kind nature. Derek may be a small-time hustler, but he has big-time plans. He intends to blackmail his wealthy lover, Robert Helton, a conservative industrialist desperate to hide his secret gay life. However, Dereks plan takes a fatal turn when Debbie is found dead in her apartment.