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The Village Show Rebecca Shaw

The Village Show

Rebecca Shaw

Published December 30th 2010
Kindle Edition
304 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Newcomer to the village Craddock Fitch is keen to make a splash by holding a village show - the best ever - in the grounds of his large house. Committee secretary and co-ordinator of the show Louise Bissett is the spoilt daughter of Sir Ron and Lady Sheila. Although a brilliant organiser, Louise is in deep personal trouble - and her growing obsession with Peter Harris, the married rector, can only end in tears. As the weeks roll by into summer and nerves tighten in anticipation of the great day, romances heat up and then cool down, tempers flare and misunderstandings multiply ... all relayed daily in the gossipy atmosphere of Jimbo Charter Placketts village store.