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Operation Trenton John Ouellet

Operation Trenton

John Ouellet

Published October 1st 2005
ISBN : 9780974841052
164 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Edgar Rittenauer, a floundering, unemployed laborer is cajoled by his younger brother into joining the Michigan Militia, a ragtag group assembled under the command of Pete Adler, a wealthy, charismatic real estate developer and all-around extremist. Looking for thoughtful political dialogue, Edgar is instead introduced to the mindless banter of conspiracy radicals, the tactical buffoonery of has-been weekend warriors, and the sadistic Sergeant Avery Stone. Amidst the testosterone madness Edgar meets and falls for First Sergeant Pam Trombley, a petite, fiery gal with whom he stumbles onto Operation Trenton - a clandestine, multi-state militia endeavor plotted to awaken America to the post 9/11 threats we face. When Brigade Commander Adler learns of their discovery, Sergeant Stone is sent to silence the pair. Pam falls victim, but Edgar escapes, desperate to find the operations order before the militias dark forces strike in. Operation Trenton.